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Penetration Test Service

1. Brief Introduction

        PTS (Penetration Test Service) is a method conducted by penetration test experts of Proftrust, simulate the attack of hackers, to evaluate the safety status of the computer network. The process of penetration test includes the active analysis on system vulnerabilities, technical flaws, and use the vulnerabilities found to reach test purposes. Based on the initiation location, penetrations test can be divided into EPTS (External Penetration Test Service)  and IPTS (Internal Penetration Test Service).

2.Service Content

     Will use experienced safety expert to provide EPTS (External Penetration Test Service) and IPTS (Internal Penetration Test Service), provide penetration test reports, and explain the report contents and remediation needed in detail.

    EPTS will be initiated from the internet, and will penetrate the clients website, Mail server etc. mainframe and devices that can be visited via internet. EPTS can test the protective capability of the current network firewall and other safety measures on website, and discover vulnerabilities or flaws that exist in defensive measures in time.

    IPTS will be initiated from the clients internal network, and will penetrate all types of application system and network devices. IPTS will simulate hackers from within the enterprise or the situation that certain mainframes within the enterprise are already controlled by the hackers. It can test the protective capability for internal classified information and defense ability of the internal network system.

3. Value Added Services

      Clients that purchased EPTS or IPTS, not only can enjoy a full year telephone & Email support, also participate in value added services plan.

     Value added services include one time of free website Trojan Horse Infection test (according to your test reports, if you have medium, high vulnerabilities or flaws, we recommend you to participate in this plan, it will assure that your website is not infected by Trojan Horse virus. )

     We will provide safety configuration and patches installation services for free.

4. Penetration Test Process