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Security training

      The information system experts of Ugtech , provides network and information security training services for clients. Services mainly include network and information security management training, network and information security basic technical training, employee network and information security awareness training, emergency response training, and customized network and information security training.

Training Purposes, Necessity and Targets:

      Information security awareness training is facing all staffs of the organization and the purpose is to raise the security awareness of the whole organization and the security protective ability of employees, to enable the employees of the organization have a better understanding of established security policy.

      This training curricular is aiming to change the company employees attitude towards information security, to enable operation staff to understand the importance of information security, the meaning of the enterprise security rules, and the security issues within their duty that they should pay attention to. Through training, it can raise the information security protective ability of the whole enterprise, hence reach the purpose of effectively protect enterprise information asset (intellectual property).


      Due to the data vulnerability increase and compliance regulations, security awareness training is a must. Such as information security level grade protection, ISO27001 information security management system, SOX, HIPAA, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), etc. all requires conducting security awareness training.

Applicable Targets:

Information security awareness training is facing ordinary staff and non-technical staff, which include:

  • Government department information system users

  • Ordinary staff of the enterprise

  • Personnel that has contract relationship with the enterprise

  • Information system administrator of the organization

  • Information system operation and maintenance personnel of the organization

  • Internal audit personnel

  • All personnel that are related to increase the organization security awareness and information security management level  


1 .Security Awareness Training: Mainly to provide to the enterprise employees, the purpose is to increase the whole security level of the company. Main function is to increase security awareness, and can effectively resist attacks, like social engineering.

2 .Emergency response training: Mainly assist company to establish emergency response team, illustrate in detail the personnel involved, and also the connection and interrelationship between incidents. Will also coach on emergency response training, to ensure when security incidents occur, can handle in time the security related issues, to lower the loss of the company to the minimum.

3 .Security Program Training: Will combine the practical experience of many years, and illustrate successful and typical cases and technical architecture, to increase the security level of the security administrators and security principles, to make the company information security architecture more steady.

4 .Other Training: According to client’s needs, to specifically develop and customize.