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How the information security industry rules and layout? Listen Wuhan executives authority to resolve

Threat modeling isn’t meant to be a single event. Instead it’s common for an organization to begin threat modeling early in the design process of a system and continue throughout its life cycle.

Security Awareness and Training Material Development: This step focuses on available training sources, scope, content, and development of training material, including solicitation of contractor assistance if needed.

September 19 to 25, with network security network security for the people by the people as the theme of National Cyber Security Awareness Week Network Security Expo 2016 will be held in Wuhan. By then, experts in the field of information security throughout the country, leading companies will cotelephone network information security industry development.

On the eve of the Expo, August 3, An information day, green network of deep, the ivy cloud security, Gokui network, database up to the dream, Career software, laborers Anding, Principal Tong, Hong Xu information, China News Rong country more than a dozen well-known in the field of information security companies gathered in Wuhan Optical Valley, and authoritarian Professor of computer Science, Wuhan University Huanguo Zhang, associate professor Peng Guojun, and many other well-known information security come together for the Wuhan drum and the information security industry call.

So, how current and future prospects for the development of information security industry? Which will face the opportunities and challenges?

In recent years, information security industry developed rapidly, but compared with other industries, the total amount of the information security industry is not. Compare the United States, China's information security technology is not bad, but less obvious: First, the government involvement in the field of information security is not enough; the second is the spread of information to the public safety education, national awareness of propaganda is not enough. By the Cyber Security Awareness Week, to deal with national publicity so that more citizens use our domestic information security products, raise awareness of the use of national domestic product, the market gradually changing consumption habits.

From a national perspective, the current field of information security in Hubei is still among the best. Compared to other cities in the north of Guangzhou, Wuhan advantage in the environment, housing prices, prices and other aspects of the very obvious. Wuhan university students currently number more than 110 million people, ranking first in the world city, rich talent pool of human resources can not be ignored.

In personnel training, we recommend that the Government will provide seed money to provide a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship students show ideas and projects. College students in related professional practice and the lack of social contacts of the frontier of knowledge, let college students and businesses to do some interactive, let the experts into the campus lecture or organize students to visit companies. These students may have beneficial interest in information security and career tendencies.

We hope to bring the rules of sound development of industry mergers and acquisitions, such as the development of good small businesses can grow, or develop bad business may profit by selling intellectual property rights, such as the sound development of the rules will greatly promote the information security industry development of.