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Distance education applications, or video conference into a cloud pioneer

Under the great support of national policies, education, information construction in China continues to accelerate. The so-called information technology education, in essence, is the education system in all areas of in-depth application of modern information technology to accelerate the education information. Video conferencing, as a typical cross-regional information technology tools of communication, in birth, is very much concerned about the field of education, and now, under the tide of educational information to promote distance education applications has become a well-deserved favorite.

Compared with enterprise conferencing applications, medical institutions, medical applications and other leading by example application mode, video conferencing applications in the field of education has a stronger dispersion, mainly because of a diversified group of applications in this field, not only to teachers, training for adults and other young students who apply on behalf of groups, a lot more is in the growth stage, a large number of highly liquid, based on centralized training system operation is not realistic. In this case, in order to ensure efficient propulsion distance education, ease of operation becomes the key.

Cloud video conferencing, a highly respected market important reason is its outstanding ease of use. It is the core of cloud computing, service providers building cloud computing centers, users do not need to purchase MCU, without large-scale transformation of the network, with no need professional IT staff, through rental services in the form of simple login, the user can be achieved in the meeting room next PC, mobile state of multi-party video communication, simple operation, application mode is also quite flexible. This maintains a high degree of unity with the application requirements of distance education. Supply and demand fit, compared with the enterprise applications market, the education market is perhaps more likely to become a breakthrough in popularity of cloud video conferencing applications.

After several years of development, the market awareness of cloud video conferencing, although increasing rapidly, but its safety has been questioned, which hinders its penetration in particular about the pace of confidentiality in the enterprise market virtually. Educational applications are different, Knowledge without Borders, the pursuit of open, shared, to ensure the maximum utilization of educational resources, which is the original driving force to actively promote distance education, so educational applications for confidentiality will be inclusive stronger, cloud video conferencing has the advantage of low cost, easy operation, acceptance rate naturally faster.