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PETER Well Network Forum suggestions double hit industrial force to help the network security indust

August 14, 2016, sponsored by the Ministry of Education Teaching Information Security Steering Committee of the Shanghai Jiaotong University, and other units of the contractor's Ninth National University Information Security Competition and the Second cyberspace Talent Innovation Development Forum in Shanghai Jiaotong fall curtain. PETER Well, general manager of Network Education Division Qin levy on behalf of Marina Well network participants, and around the industrial development of the current network security education suggestions.

At the forum, Qin Zheng put forward views on the new situation, how to better promote the information security personnel training Chinese universities, to build a network to share the grace Marina complex, application-oriented, innovative industrial network security personnel stepped methodology through professional learning the basics, learn a complex industry knowledge, application of practical ability training, research and innovation to enhance the ability to open the depth of cooperation between schools and enterprises in various forms, work together to create high-quality compound industrial network security personnel.

Industrial control network security, talent first. Current information security contest, Marina en network released the first new industrial control system network security education products – industrial mobile network security Teaching Experiment Box. Mobile Experiment Box release, aims to enhance students' theoretical level, and to upgrade their skills in practice and promote the production and depth of learning, learning and use of fusion. Industrial Network Security Mobile experimental box, is the starting point for industrial network security education and training network Marina en force. PETER Well network and industrial production, networking, smart city-related companies and universities, educational institutions, joint personnel training, build laboratories, joint research, innovation and entrepreneurship to expand the depth of cooperation in four areas.
Admittedly, most of the security incidents are derived from the internal, and the root cause of these accidents is the lack of people's awareness of information security, or they simply do not recognize information security, either ignore or evade security processes and technical controls.

Currently, the network has begun to establish Marina en short and long term human development goals. For the moment being engaged in industrial control network system operation and maintenance personnel, Marina en network will start short-term personnel training strategy designed to enhance the security practitioners of industrial safety awareness and safety skills to include an awareness of security and respond to security incidents skills.
In addition, for industrial network security practitioners, Marina en network also developed a network of industrial safety certification evaluation system, through the beginning, middle and senior qualification, training at different levels of industrial network security professionals. PETER Well Network hopes on industrial safety theory framework and industry safety features, summarizes industrial safety personnel skills characteristic emphasis on the mastery and application of certified personnel for industrial safety knowledge and skills to solve the industry skill evaluation criteria for all levels of industrial safety personnel, and promote professional industrial safety personnel promotion channel to enhance the industry level security capabilities.

At the same time, Marina en network will focus on long-term human resources strategy to join universities and educational institutions, computer-oriented, information security, automation-related professional students through curriculum design, development and other forms of materials and experiments to further develop their skills in industrial control network security the establishment of sustainable development for the country's industrial network security echelon personnel.

With the industrial development of the situation of the trend of network security, high demand for talent will enter the outbreak period. Talent importance of industrial development for network security industry is no doubt that while industry demand for talent will be higher and more complex. The future, the network will develop Marina en industry, to attract high-quality training compound talents, while continuing to strengthen the depth of cooperation between universities and educational institutions.

PETER Well Network Intelligence industrial network security specialist press, two-dimensional code recognition, plus interest.