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Confidentiality Shu Chinese ancient secret work how to do?

Dynasties, around confidentiality and disclosure secretarial work has undergone many sobering story: Secretaries or caution, anticipatory; or high positions, consciously introspective; or collaborated with gang; or nominal, asked people to do it . Today, these intriguing stories reflecting the truth is still worthy of our serious consideration secretarial workers.
Not made greenhouse Tree

Ming Chen hole just EMPEROR period, childhood uphold family traditions, better educated, not twenty years, namely into the career. Han emperor ascended the throne, due to excellent light hole, was appointed to the Book (in the palace of the Western Han Dynasty official in charge of the instrument). Just a few years, the previous generation of light holes in the Han Dynasty and regulatory affairs by heart, much the emperor trust. Later, light hole collar chancery thing that has led the chancery bodies. Since taking office, light hole hard work, careful and observe the state statutes, not bad previous conventions. In this official guiding principles, light hole is more than ten thousand years collar chancery office, which at the time was extremely rare.

At the time, leading chancery matter has been referred to as Code Cardinal, meaning charge confidential. An important principle of this work is the secret hole in this light has done extremely well. Hole light has destroyed the habit of speaking the draft, where the draft relates to the conversation between the emperor and afterwards be destroyed to prevent the leakage of secret information. Also, if someone official recommended light hole, will not let it know that she had recommended to prevent cronyism.

Hole light often came home to their families makes no reference to North Korea affairs. Family members have not been to the palace, to long experience, it would put a light hole is not too much of a problem: Changle greenhouse before the house is what kind of tree ah? Hole light listening, at first silent, then looked around him in terms of completely irrelevant answers. Family members could not think of security awareness hole light turned strongly to the point.

Court strictly confidential, is on the side of the rulers secretarial staff a basic requirement. In this regard, the majority of ancient secretarial staff will strictly abide by. But like hole as light, living in central positions, for decades the conservative state secrets, even if such details of what kind of trees are Palace family did not disclose the secret model, is still rare.

Tomorrow again eviction
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Song Ming Chen Yan Shu is also an excellent secretary has a high sense of confidentiality. When Emperor Song dynasty, as Zhizhi Gao Yan Shu Officer, is responsible for drafting Dahir, toward becoming a major foreign secretaries.

One day, Emperor Song Xuan Yan Shu palace and gave him a list of appointments, order the draft prepared in accordance with the contents of the book on the list. Yan Shu Lo, spoke to Shinshu played:. Chen is outside the system, not the grade.

Yan Shu said, outside the system refers to what is it? The original, from the late Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, the Chinese book Scheeren books or letters patent drafting system known as the outside system, drafted by the inner court of the Imperial Academy of bookmaking called within the system. Yan Shu said he was outside the system, to show the unbreakable system. Zhenzong feel justified, but they got the money to play the Imperial Academy drafted bookmaking. Yan Shu seeing, also the Shinshu memorial:. Chen has made known the contents of the book, worry might leak out after the eviction, the minister requested the academy spend the night, and then tomorrow the eviction Big Emperor Song confidentiality awareness of YanShu He praised grant his request.
、The next day the system is issued the Yan Shu was surprised to find that he actually saw the contents of yesterday in the palace to see the list of different. Although I think the thing is quite strange, but for ethics secretary, Yan Shu has not leaked last part of the matter yesterday.Yan Shu sober, around corners, from the source to block the loopholes in security work.

Gang vent secret
More than telling the secretary to keep confidential the ancient model. In fact, in the ancient secretary team there are some leaks expert Tang Liu Guangqi, is one of them.

Emperor Xian Zong ascended the throne at the beginning, to take a strong level Phan policy, intended to revive the authority of the central government. Kenso plan resurgence in the great cause of the occasion, the inner court of the risks have been slow to emerge.

Xianzong period, eunuchs have been a serious threat to the dominance of the emperor. Eunuch interference in domestic affairs as the inner court of the person who wishes to be collusion between the DPRK and foreign officials, says the LORD Almighty. Xianzong senator when Liu Guangqi was so large eunuch forces, in order to achieve personal goals, effort to draw the outer court officials, the main secretariat slip book Huan is one of the objects of Liu Guangqi when he was wooing.

Arguably, the main book is a seven items, small government, why Liu Guangqi, self worth out, approached it? Originally, the main book is the Tang Dynasty secretariat officials responsible for the management of documents, but was low Language rank positions. Slip book Huan long served as the main post, well aware of the various documents. Because of the special position, as well as the opportunity to participate slip Huan prime minister meeting to hear a number of matters involving state secrets. Huan Liu Guangqi, took a fancy to slip duties only intend to win, making himself placed outside towards the ears.

Huan Liu Guangqi, to slide the main task is to steal secrets in the book. Slip Huan himself is a leak master. Each meeting the prime minister, if the presence of the consensus reached and the divergent views of Liu Guangqi, will take the initiative to report to slip Huan Liu Guangqi, every move towards the outer firmly in control in the hands of Liu Guangqi and other eunuchs.

According to regulations, the Emperor to convey to the secretariat by the eunuch, then in charge of the Central book Scheeren draft decree. However, Liu Guangqi, and slip Huan gang, the Emperor often without the book rounding this link, directly drafted by the slip issued Huan himself. Sometimes actually had edict has been issued, the prime minister who still kept in the dark phenomenon. Slip Huan also rely eunuch power and influence, reckless, bribe public line, arrogance smoked days. However, sometimes prominent and did not give the slip Huan good at personal gain, wanton exercise of power in the book Xiaoli bring long-term wealth. Later, in the book Scheeren was slippery Huan Li Jifu impeachment, committed suicide eventually ended up in the end.

Anji Ren did not return

And slip Huan deliberately leaked is different, some are inadvertently leaked confidential. Song Ning Zongjia dating between the DPRK and there was a man named Yu Rong's book rounding (primarily responsible for the secretarial staff of the Patent). Although this person Guan Ju positions, but not good at writing letters patent. But what is puzzling is that, whenever the need secretariat drafted Patent, the poor more than the rounding Document Writing can successfully complete the task. what happened?

Originally, I Rong has been a bit behind expert help, this is the person I should Yong Rong's nephew. Yong should be learned, is the first year of Song Ningzong Qing Jinshi, and later passed the time of the erudite word macro subjects (this Branch in the Tang Dynasty, a rich examination subjects, the examination of the contents of the temporary setting, conducive to the selection of personnel), author of  book about justice,  book of Rites compile justice and other books. Ying Yong early years in official documents written by learned some knowledge, of which there are written on the Patent. Early this internship, coupled with my excellent imaginative writing, shall Yong can expertly compose the court Patent. However, it should in any case Yong did not think his talents actually a favor uncle's work.

When Yu Rong any Scheeren books should Yong is Anji County (now Zhejiang Anji County) do magistrate. At that time, from Angelina to the Southern Song capital Lin'an (now Hangzhou) is only three days away, so whenever drafting the Patent, the remainder Rong he sent the general content of the file to be written Yong there from shall Yong after behalf of the proposed horse back to Lin'an. Although Yong should know this inappropriate behavior, but due to relatives, could not refuse, this job had to promise down. A long time, one to one to between nephew, became the executive secretariat of a daily work routine. Sometimes, if the Central Secretariat officials to urge Patent drafting, Yu Rong around the Outpost he would have said in unison: Go Angie's people have not come back yet!

Patent confidential court documents, as in the book Scheeren Yu Rong, has an important responsibility of guarding state secrets, and he even allowed the Patent by the relatives of the writing handle, apparently security awareness very weak. Yong as the nephew should not only not be prevented, but on behalf of his uncle Patent drafting, but also the lack of security awareness performance.

We attach importance to the establishment of the staff information security awareness of employees' information security capability is an important part of our overall security program, we also have some funding for education advocacy and training in security awareness, because we believe that information security is the responsibility of full-time security team personnel.