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Net letter do mention eight requirements

August 17, the National Internet Information Office held a symposium in Beijing on the website to fulfill the main responsibility for the management of online information made eight demands.

Eight requires a clear, engaging in Internet News Information Service website editor to establish a responsibility system for guiding and managing editor to create and produce content of news and information dissemination activities overall responsibility, improve the managing editor and the core management staff serving, management and evaluation and exit mechanism;

Ads should be properly oriented, factually accurate, source specifications, legal compliance;

Enhance the information content security technology support capacity building press releases and review system to enhance the safety assessment of the webcast, barrage and other new products, new applications, new features lines.

In addition, the site should strictly implement the 7 × 24-hour duty system, establish and improve the comment thread management system, improve the user registration management system, strengthen the construction of the content management team, good reporting and reception work.

It is understood that the State Council Informatization Office network recent eight major commercial websites and clients conducted a special inspection. Examination found that these sites in the standardized management system construction, information security jobs staffing, technology investment foundation has done a lot of work, but there are still some problems can not be ignored in general, highlighting common problems include:

Editor responsible for the system, saying the management system is not perfect, the lack of supporting incentive accountability mechanisms;

Content security vulnerabilities more manuscript source is not standardized;
Account management mechanism is not perfect, not strictly review the registration information;

Reported receiving insufficient attention to work and so on.

To solve these problems, in the fully listen to the views of interested parties on the basis of national Information Office web site presents the main responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of eight.

Deputy director of the State Council Informatization Office Ren Xianliang network, said Xi Jinping, general secretary of the forum on security and information network pointed out that online information management, the site should bear the main responsibility for government administrative departments to strengthen supervision.

Each site should earnestly study and implement the spirit of the speech, according to the National Network Information Office Director forum's basic norms of heavy, heavy base management, and strengthen local management responsibilities, and strengthen the main responsibility for the site requirement, strengthen the main responsibility for the implementation of the idea of consciousness . Authorities and Internet companies to establish a close cooperative relationship coordination, make concerted efforts to embark on a new path of positive interaction.

From the central and local news sites, major commercial sites, industry association representatives and some more than 60 experts and scholars around the theme of the meeting were exchanged. Participants believe that website as an information production, publication, dissemination of the body, if the lack of responsibility and binding, one-sided pursuit of economic efficiency, the blind eye-catching limelight, the network will inevitably lead to the spread of disorder, ecological deterioration, chaos clusters, and even endanger the fundamental interests of national security, social stability and people. Website strengthen the main responsibility for the construction of Delicate gas is network ecosystem, promote the healthy and sustainable development, is extremely important, it is imperative.

People, Sohu, Baidu, Tianya, headlines today, Sina Weibo, Tencent micro-letters the person in charge said it would firmly abide by relevant state laws and regulations, a clear Nine allowed to requirements, adhere to the seven bottom line against the network chaos, promote the theme, stimulate positive energy to the basic norms, heavy base management, and strengthen local management responsibilities, and strengthen the main responsibility for the site as follows, to comprehensively strengthen the infrastructure and site management, site management and improve the institutionalization, standardization levels, and promote healthy and sustainable development of the site.