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Invasions of personal information exposed black interests of the chain POLICE: scrape Express Inform

According to Xinhua News Agency, the China Internet Association recently released 2016 China Internet users Protection Survey Report shows that 54% of Internet users believe that the situation is serious leakage of personal information, 84% of Internet users had personally experienced the adverse effects caused by leakage of personal information .

Reporter survey found that the current network information from illegal access to citizen identity information, phone numbers, home addresses, extended to the network account and password, bank account numbers and passwords, criminals through technical means of attack, formed a source – brokers – illegal use of personnel, the black chain.

In March this year, Nanchong City Public Security Bureau received more than a report, a report called the money a bank account inside stolen. Through investigation, the panel has in Hainan, Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan, arrested five suspects, crime and locked provide basic information data for suspect source – hackers Jiangmou.

In June, plainclothes police Nanchong Public Security in a cell area of the Chengdu Shuangliu Jiangmou captured. After opening his computer police found dense folder, filled with a variety of different categories of Personal Information: QQ account number and password, Alipay information, identity information, in addition, there mailbox information, student information, unit information, network identity account password, etc., each file up to tens of megabytes.

In Jiangmou QQ group and the group micro letter, buyers from all over the country. He will steal the information in 5000 as a unit, package price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, the highest price highest identity information can be sold per unit of 400 yuan. Buyers to get the information and then layers of resale, eventually into the hands of all kinds of criminals.

In another case, Nanchong public security detection, the suspect Zhang sold online citizen residence, hotel, banking, railways, air tickets, mobile phones, vehicles, and other logistics information, the illegal sale of personal information of citizens of more than 6 million, involving more than 300 million.

The security policy is an overview or generalization of an organization’s security needs. It defines the main security objectives and outlines the security framework of an organization.

Police investigators found that Zhang had 161 on the line 99 offline. In this chain, through their network Instant Messenger contact, and payment transactions through a third party platform, the entire network of black chain involved up to 3,000 people.

Police said that by obtaining personal information of citizens, the breeding of communications fraud, Internet fraud, extortion and other crimes are being continued to run high.

Safety Tips

Timely scrape Express barcode information;

Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau official said, the public security organs in crackdown keep the pressure up, and to curb criminal activities, citizens need to further improve the security of personal information protection;

To guard against social age and Duplicity, enterprise social network of all comments are positive or negative impact on the development of social network usage policies and guidelines are necessary;

He stressed that citizens will not easily provide personal information to unauthorized persons, online shopping Beware of phishing sites, caution in public places free WiFi, do not click on unknown URLs link;

The value of a consistent training program is the portability of security literacy as employees change jobs and organizations.Be sure to wipe before discarding the packaging barcode on the parcel delivery and the recipient's name, address, phone number and identity cards and other important information about water or scraped off with a knife, in the need to provide a copy of ID card must be like when someone marked on the front side of the copy of the limited circumstances in which the use, do not use a password for all your accounts as 'pass'. this can greatly reduce the criminals attempt by the network to a large database of possible blackmail citizens. he said .

Sichuan University Law School Professor Liu Xin Jie also pointed out that to effectively protect the personal information of citizens, the need to speed up the legislative work of personal information of citizens security. Right now no specific personal information protection law, the relevant provisions of the existing law is too broad and vague, needs to have a clear legal system introduction. He also suggested that, in particular, the Civil Code development process of moral rights to strengthen the protection of personal information provisions.