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[Note] a network of telecommunications fraud upgrade prevention methods see here

Refers to the network of telecommunications fraud criminals use SMS, telephone, Internet and other communication tools, fake state organs, the name of a friend, etc., lied winning, family members injured in the accident, friends and other urgent cases, after the fraud victims trust, called its transfer money into designating a fraud bank card account. To curb the phenomenon of multiple networks of telecommunications fraud, beware of fraud disaster telecommunications network, the key to rely on the parties concerned in advance force, tie the fence in the telecommunications and financial sectors to strengthen supervision and enhance the protection of personal information and awareness on.

Recently, Fujian Longhai City People's Court judge on the new network telecommunications fraud carried out and to alert the world.

Possession of the car false base station mad texting

Possession of the car false base station equipment, the use of the device along the bank posing as customer service number to send fraudulent messages. Once you click the link to enter text, all the information is phishing recorded only in Zhangpu County in Fujian Province, Longhai, Zhangzhou, Fujian and other places have been seven victims cheated of nearly 5 million yuan.

May 1, 2016 to Day 3, the defendant Chen Hemou drive hidden false base station equipment car, has removed the Zhangpu county, Zhangzhou Longhai City and other places, the use of pseudo base station equipment and tools such as mobile phones, posing construction Bank service phone number 95533 to send text messages along the periphery of the mobile phone users totaled 9078, mobile phone users to log in to trick scam sites, cheat their bank card information, respectively cheat Zhongmou, Mr. Hong, Xu , high of a total of seven victims of 55,340.05 yuan. Two on May 3, 2016 arrested by public security organs.

The court held that the defendant Chen Hemou illegal possession for the purpose, together with others, the use of pseudo base station equipment false information to an unspecified number of people, cheat money 55340.05 yuan, a relatively large amount, the behavior of the two defendants have been constitute fraud. Defendant Chen plays a major role in the crime, is the principal shall be in accordance with all the crimes of their participation punishment; HeMou defendant played a secondary role in the crime, the accomplice shall be given a lighter punishment. After the incident, the two defendants can truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment.

Finally, the Court of First Instance Longhai Chen guilty of fraud and sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for one year and ten months, sentenced the defendant Hemou imprisonment for one year and four months, were fined 10,000 yuan.

Prevention remind
Internet Do not open unknown e-mail, web site; install anti-virus software to ensure computer security; account theft should immediately report the loss.

Dial phone 20,000 times lied kidnapping scam
There is a modus operandi so that parents scared. I heard a child crying, piercing calls out Mom and that the kidnappers took the phone, requiring the parents to hit their accounts in ransom. Parents often distraught, and no judge is not their own children, they listened liar arrangements.

March 2015 to May period, the defendant Lee, after Wang, Yang by conspiracy, common use of the fact that children are victims of fiction within their control Zhangzhou Taiwanese investment zone in a residential rental, requiring the victim to send money to designated bank account after the release of the way fraud. After that, the three defendants and continue to use such methods to defraud money and fraud victims Lee, Zhang et al 7 money totaling 265,925.37 yuan. Before and after a total of three phone call fraud of more than 20,000 times. The resulting money-based fraud defendant Wu, Xu Mouming know Lee and others within the bank card, bank card still receive help in money resulting fraud, which helped Wu cash five times, totaling 185,000 yuan, Xu cash help 3 times, a total of 115,000 yuan.

The court held that the defendant Lee, Wang, Yang, together with others for the purpose of illegal possession of fictitious facts, the use of means to call an unspecified number of people to commit fraud, fraud amount of 265,925.37 yuan, a huge amount, and call fraud telephone number total of more than 20,000 times; the defendant Wu, Xu Mouming known others to illegal possession for the purpose of defrauding other people's property, were still receiving assistance fraud resulting money 185,000 yuan, 115,000 yuan, a huge amount, five defendants were acts constitute fraud.

Finally, the Court Longhai fraud sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for five to eight years to three years and one month and a fine ranging from 100,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Prevention remind
Encountered such a situation, the parties do not rush remittances, should be linked with the relatives and friends of people understand their current situation, understand each other, or the authenticity of said case through police, hospitals and other departments and units. If the moment can not confirm the authenticity of the information, and try not to rush money, but to find out the situation say.

Fictitious lottery prize as bait
To provide false information to the bait lottery winning numbers, by dialing random phone way to cheat other people's money, it is a common form of telecommunications fraud network.

June 2, 2015 to June 24 during the day, the defendant Laimou Cheng, Lai Mouqiang, Lai Mouhai together with others, fled into the town of Kok Mei Taiwanese Investment Zone in Zhangzhou, Fujian rented house, to provide false Mark Six winning numbers information as bait, by randomly dialing phone fraud embodiment, each phone call fraud of more than 500 passengers. To the incident, three defendants defrauded by the above-described manner unspecified persons money totaling 8120 yuan.

The Court held that the three accused of illegal possession for the purpose, together with others, publish false information to cheat money 8120 yuan, a relatively large amount and to unspecified persons phone call fraud more than 500 passengers, have constituted fraud. Finally, the Court to fraud were sentenced to imprisonment for one year and one month the three defendants, and were fined 4,000 yuan.

Prevention remind

Always verify information received winning the authenticity of information; do not call the false winning information site providing telephone; required to pay the cost of the various types of award, please be cautious.

The judge recommended that advance force to strengthen supervision although afterwards punishment, in particular to further increase the investigation and punishment, can play a significant deterrent, but from the fundamental point of view, to curb the phenomenon of multiple telecommunications fraud network, but also on the relevant key parties to advance force, truss fence in the telecommunications and financial sectors to strengthen supervision and enhance the protection of personal information and awareness on. To this end, Longhai City People's Court made the following recommendations: First, we should increase the exchange of information in different places of the judiciary, communications cooperative efforts to promptly inform the public security organs domicile offender crime, and recommended that the local people's governments at the township and village, neighborhood officers to focus incident area to carry out legal advocacy, especially for acts involving serious social harm explain publicity, and strengthen job training and ideological guidance for key populations; Second, we must establish and improve the prevention and control mechanism, the telecommunications, the people's Bank, the public security organs cooperation and coordination mechanism for the formation of other departments, financial institutions, telecommunications departments should strengthen account real-name system review, so the criminals can take advantage of the public security organs should intensify case detection efforts to try to restore the victim's economic loss; Third, we must increase the citizens illegally obtained personal information illegally handled sales bank cards, providing tools of crime, fraud, money collection scams and other aspects of the crackdown for others to identify in advance the Department of conspiracy, fraud are handled as accomplices; four is to increase the rule of law propaganda, timely announced new fraud cases to increase public awareness. Judicial Watch network telecommunications fraud guise With the rapid development of China's financial, telecommunications, and false information fraud continue to breed, with the mobile phone, fixed telephone, Internet and other communication tools and non-contact online banking fraud of modern technology are implemented quickly spread development to the people caused great losses. In recent years, although the judiciary vigorously against telecommunications fraud network, but the network of telecommunications fraud cases still repeated constantly renovated and methods of crime seriously endanger the stability of people's property, security and socio-economic order. Recently, Fujian Longhai City People's Court since 2014, the hospital concluded network telecommunications fraud cases were combing analysis. Since 2014, the hospital concluded a total network of telecommunications fraud cases 12 to 25 people, more than 50 million the total amount of fraud, which in 2014 concluded a total of 0, 2015 was only concluded a 2, while January-June 2016 on the conclusion of 11 23. Longhai City People's Court Criminal Tribunal Chen Yibin two said such crimes cases showed the following characteristics: First, relatively younger age of the offender committing the crime, offenders were in the age range of 20 to 30 years of age, the relative concentration of household registration offender belongs, mainly geographical, phylogenetic relationships for fraud gang involvement. Second, diversification scams, scams, mostly to make calls or send SMS to traditional text-based fraud, respectively, fabricated false winning lottery special code or information to commit fraud, fictitious children ask for money because of gambling is controlled using pseudo base stations transmit false information to commit fraud or obtain bank card information to defraud funds. Third, due to the vigilance of telecommunications fraud network in place more publicity, the masses gradually increased awareness of fraud prevention, although the offenders by calling or sending SMS to the number of million times calculations, but gullible people less easily fooled people, mostly elderly, and mostly distribution in rural areas. From the practice, however, telecommunications, financial institutions to establish a unified, standardized risk warning mechanism, prompt the customers to strengthen self-protection, fraud alert information to curb fraud telecommunications network has an important role. Response Network telecommunications fraud, after combat can only be a temporary solution, not as a main coping strategies; as a preventable type of crime, effective measures should be constructed covering the whole network of social prevention, so that criminals can not easily succeed crime, this is a fundamental law. I suggested that financial fraud prevention and control system should be established at the national level to Ministry of Public Security, China Banking Regulatory Commission, People's Bank of China, China UnionPay and other departments and organizations led joint telecom operators and all commercial banks, the establishment of China Banking Fraud defense cooperation mechanism, such as mutual investigation of suspicious account information, emergency stop payment (non-legal freezing) accounts suspected of a crime, and other functions. Enhance personal awareness of prevention is the key. Either because of ignorance or prevent someone luck life of crime, but also to prevent people covet a small profit, the effect gullible and fall into the wrong trap. Of course, fundamentally combating telecommunications fraud network, in addition to increase the punishment should be targeted to vulnerable groups to strengthen the network of telecommunications fraud prevention popularity of telecommunications fraud network knowledge, so that fraudsters are no longer so easy to succeed. Moreover, in the long run, it should encourage more down to earth Success Way, reversing blindly seeking quick money, seeking shortcut impetuous social atmosphere, and to provide young people with more right track progress, opportunity.

Computer security management business did not work as the focus of daily treatment, did not establish relevant security regime. Or even the establishment of a system for the management of just a mere formality, information security management lags far behind the development of the business.

Information Security Protection rectification work continued to expand, the grading system and data protection level of division is not enough, the safety assessment of these systems is also not enough, there is the construction of the rectification work, because security is a continuous cycle of improvement process new security threats and system vulnerabilities will continue to be found out.