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[Hot] editor of the White Paper, China Network Security Tell your Chengdu cyberspace security indust

The 14th China International Software Cooperation Fair on August 18 opened in Chengdu, China hosted the soft contact Network Security Professional Conference Cyberspace Security Innovation Development Forum and issued Cyberspace security industry in Chengdu white paper at the conference .

A powerful combination, White Paper is written by high end of Chengdu cyberspace security industry White Paper is in the Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission, and Chengdu City Internet Information Office guidance, safe and reliable by the Information Technology Association of Chengdu led to China electronic Technology Co., Ltd. as editor of network information security unit, the joint several well-known in the province and more than 30 colleges and universities focus on information security companies jointly prepared. In the conference, China Electric Division chief expert, China Network Security chief engineer Rao Zhihong on the White Paper issued by the background, content and significance are introduced.

Safety training helps the organization's network and system administrators, technology developers, security, maintenance personnel to grasp the basic information security technology to enhance the safety level of technical operations, culture resolve security issues and eliminate safety hazards skills.

Paper is divided into five chapters

Chapter One: the relevant concepts cyberspace were discrimination, and cyberspace security system, the scope of cyberspace security industry has been defined. The second chapter: the present situation and development trend of global cyberspace security industry, cyberspace security industry development characteristics of the world's major countries and regions analyzed. Chapter 3: analyzes the current situation of the relevant circumstances cyberspace security industry, the main characteristics and provinces. Chapter 4: from the policy environment, industry size and structure of the industrial base, regional distribution, characteristics and advantages of aspects, problems and other issues analyzed the current situation of Chengdu cyberspace security industry. Chapter 5: Chengdu, according to the present situation and problem analysis, the next step to develop Chengdu cyberspace security industry has made specific recommendations.

Chengdu cyberspace security industry White Paper released by the People's Daily, Sichuan News, Sohu, information security professional website and other domestic media reports. According to People reports, White Paper report last year, Chengdu cyberspace security industry has realized the main income of 19.643 billion yuan, an increase of 34.4%, among the nation's industrial scale in the national market share accounted for more than one-fifth. At present, Chengdu has gathered cyberspace more than 100 enterprises, the initial formation of participating in the high-end industrial division of labor, innovation wave continued to emerge, driven by scale backbone enterprises supporting enterprises continue to extend the chain of industrial innovation clusters. White Paper on the future development of further rationalization recommendations, including greater efforts in fostering foreign capital, technological innovation, introduction of talent, the establishment of specialized funds.

White Paper released a bright spot on the Chengdu cyberspace security industry White Paper conference, also unveiled the relevant security control-related products, including China Network Security Royal Dragon series self-controlled computer, the Hua Weishi Westone series self-controlled safety switch, Maipu self-controlled switches. The release of these products, it is Chengdu cyberspace security industry white paper from the literal to the actual results of practice.

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