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Clover cyberspace security to attend the first Strategy Forum on Information Security conference

August 27, by the National Commission on civil-military integration, China Internet Development Foundation and China Information Security Evaluation Center joint guidance, China Information Security magazine and the Beijing Huaxia Culture Association jointly sponsored the First Forum on Chinese cyberspace strategy information security Internet line ceremony (hereinafter referred to as the meeting ) was held at the Institute of international relations. Clover security as a support unit attended the meeting, the meeting Focus on cyberspace civil-military integration as the theme, adhere to the self-control oriented research from multiple angles and so had in-depth exchange of.

IT outsourcing services and even the biggest obstacle facing the Mercantile Exchange in a broad sense is the relationship of trust, to establish a trust relationship, you can not rely on eating and drinking gifts, but can not believe verbal promises to make both parties recognized their respective rights and responsibilities in the cooperation, it is necessary universal services in accordance with international standards and best practices practice, signed a contract.

Xu Ping, president presided over the China Information Security Internet line ceremony. China Information Security Network focus on network power, big data strategy and Internet + action, seeks from the event-driven, responsibility-driven culture to drive conversion, continuing to enhance the productivity of cyberspace, cultural force, defense forces, aimed at managers at all levels departments to provide decision support platform that provides media communication platform for network security and information technology industry, for the majority of scholars and experts to provide an interactive platform for exchange.

Cyberspace Strategy Forum Personality of the Year award ceremony, the Bi Jingjing Lieutenant Weizheng Yao academician, president of Mali, Mr. Long, Ye Hao Force Major General, Major General Feng Yanchun, Jiang Yamin Major General Zhu Shengtao director, Xu Ping, president, party secretary as Emily Awards guests to An Weiping, Ye Zheng, Wu Shizhong, MA Min Hu, Wang Shiwei, Cheng Lin, Xiao Xinguang, Qinan, Zhang Lotte, Tan Jianfeng and other ten pairs of cyberspace strategy Forum have made outstanding contributions to the figures awarded honorary certificates and trophy. Peng Yu-Chen Lin and any from China Information Security magazine from the Internet Development Foundation to play host.

Network Chinese prosperity in the world of high-end dialogue from Cyberspace Strategy Forum chaired editor Qinan, Long, Emily, An Weiping, Fu Yanbin, Xiao Xinguang, Zhang wood to engage in dialogue and were regarded as open your eyes to see the world eyes are open wide network, the Chinese perspective, the forward-looking development, peace win going out Chinese solution to cast loyalty network defense to maintain the strength of the internet boom of Chinese power, network and international double wheel drive, Chinese innovation with the world, the Chinese pattern, casting threat detection Chinese engine, insisted on opening the game network power, the Chinese industry and the national strategy related to national prosperity, big data words to determine network power, China strategy, the expression a network of China, the world's prosperity, the overall concept and realization path.

Auditing means recording a log of the events and activities related to the system and subjects.

Effective IT security awareness presentations must be designed with the recognition that people tend to practice a tuning-out process called acclimation.

Cyberspace civil-military integration keynote link, deputy chief of the northern war zone An Weiping, Shanghai Golden Shield cloud computing, Chairman Tangrong Xi, military construction in Sichuan letter Academy of Military Sciences Research Department of Defense Integrated Research Office, Chengdu Li Xin new technologies Technology Co., president Wang Rujun, State Key laboratory of information security, Professor Zhai from the coast, to the Chengdu Branch Co., Ltd. co-founder of the right to swim Huan, total China information security evaluation Center worker Wang Jun, chairman and CEO of innovation space 898 Li Jianxin, international issues, the national defense University Insight into Attitudes Research Center, Associate Professor, University of Science and technology of China Zhang Weiming, director of strategic support troops in an army of Zhang Lotte, Air force Engineering University College of information navigation former president Wu Yaoguang, Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan, Ann day founder Xiao Xinguang, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics strategic issues Research Center, Professor Zhang wood, respectively, from a military theory, information industry, engineering and technical aspects of security and development in cyberspace, digital asset security protection letter network areas and civilian integration and other topics made a wonderful speech, from their research into the details of cyberspace civil-military integration topic view, determined to clear cyberspace and civilian integration, perseverance, focus, enhance all-weather full range of network security situational awareness, the overall defense and deterrence capability integrated, accelerate our network from big country to power network.

Mention was made of the Internet + concept, network security awareness has become increasingly popular, Clover security as a professional provider of security services and products, at the same time for customers to solve safety problems, but also hope that all colleagues partners establish our network powers.