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Big Data era, the place where personal privacy?

If there is no Xu Yuyu Song Zhenning's death and nowadays it from phone fraud but is concerned about the people every day in every corner of the country staged a common, but the case will not lead to the attention of this size, but not so many in data to users who work for the government science or suggestions, Gein each have a cell phone Chinese people have become accustomed to this, surprising things is often the case, we first angry, then become helpless, and finally becomes completely numb.

On the network to phone fraud as the keyword search, you can find a lot of people every day received a lot of telephone fraud, these phones make them hard money she saved the night cleared, and then most of them will escape liar . Most scammers target those new things worse cognitive elderly, children or those inexperienced, I believe that every person out of work, more or less will receive a phone call the parents to ask peace inexplicable things – – it is often after receiving fraudulent messages that they rushed to save money to fight like.

Behind Xu Yuyu case, the news media in-depth investigation the case of personal information of trafficking, was found on large and small Linyi website posted it, there are multiple data reselling information sites, such personal information categories for banking, insurance, education, business, etc. all aspects of the demand, to some extent, this is the Chinese privacy leak case a typical display, our information is being sold to a variety of crooks agency network information platform we use.

Big data management to facilitate our daily lives, but also, like any technology, as with its distinctive dangers of big data can help us insight into trends in one area, so that decision-makers concerned about the user's preferences change, in order to make decisions in line with expectations, while it is double-edged sword, once falling into the attempts harm the public interest (agency) hand, became lurking around us stab in the back, we do not know when they will be data shot.

In many cases, legislation is lagging behind in technology, after all, technology development, various problems arise, often the original law makers can not be expected, if the law is not the first time to solve new problems, how should we do ?

Dr. Wu recently published book, Smart Era, which dedicates a chapter about this case, Wu summed up the two new technologies to protect personal privacy, the first one is to gather information from the outset, some data preprocessing, so that people who manipulate data read what the data is, but this approach has its limitations: this technique can not hinder those large Internet companies which want Quest user privacy footsteps. While the second, called two-way monitoring, Wu Jun in the book this definition:. When the user to see the computer, the computer user is also staring watch so that those who peeping data is no longer zero cost the crime, so that it will not be so reckless behavior, which is the real name of manipulating big data.

In this incident investigation found that sections 170 and 171 are currently concentrated hotbed of fraud phone, 44 percent of all fraud phone numbers from these two segments, these numbers can not shop in the segment can be real names to buy it under the unified mobile phone users real-name system in the background, tantamount to hit operators face a slap in the face.

Operators accused of doing nothing, while allowing telephone fraud, has been a long time, National People's Congress Chen Wei had only two sessions held over benefit analysis after a fraud phone success brings: In public cheated 10 million yuan, for example, operators earn 100 million, while the public security authorities investigating this case needs to be cross-border, national expenditure for this to 2 million yuan. Although the three operators of collective innocence, indicating that their own regulatory telephone fraud when they contribute not small, but characterized it as a passive accomplice is not an exaggeration.
Said before, with the rise of micro letter, QQ, no one texting, and now the mobile Internet era, the major social APP have a chat feature, which is a plus wifi everywher
e era, from the telephone function completely that day is not far off also fear aside, this year the communications industry posted revenues constitute also confirmed this point: mobile data revenue for the first time beyond mobile voice revenue, the telecommunications industry has become the largest proportion of business. If the operator ignores this so-faire, it would only make more and more people in advance to give up, after all, can not as a substitute in the past is so scarce.

Regulatory lacking, do not pay attention to personal privacy, which has made China become fertile soil liar parasitic, allowing mobile phone users waste a lot of time cost, time cost is more valuable than money, because it is gone, you lose a period of time, it can never be recovered again. Remember the early statistical report pointed out that China the world's first spam, many years later, the term has not seen any change, I think it's really doubly ironic.