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News Detail

Iphone now the largest in the history of loopholes in the system!

A few days ago, Apple iOS users suddenly pushes iOS9.3.5 system update. It is understood that this is an urgent update to a block called Trident security vulnerabilities. With this vulnerability, hackers can remotely control other people's iPhone, is very risky.

To prevent the user's password is shared, stolen, or crack while listening to the organization have serious adverse consequences, we strengthen the security of user information awareness education, but also the deployment of multi-factor authentication solution, which is to protect the Trustworthy Computing and a great way to secure remote access to the network.

In this update, Apple said it was because this version provides important security updates, and recommended that all users update iOS, which is rare before, you can see the severity of the safety issue.

This vulnerability was discovered by accident

Recently, the UAE activist Ahmed Mansour (Ahmed Mansoor) found his iPhone often received some suspicious messages. So he will be handed over to these messages Canadian Citizen Lab University of Toronto Munk School (Citizen Lab) for analysis.

Citizen Lab two security personnel Bill Mark Zach and John Scott Railton, to monitor the source track, found connected to 200 servers, some servers are registered in the name of a group called the NSO. Analysis of the spyware code, also found some clues pointing to a place called Pegasus product, which is a group NSO spyware products.

Citizen Lab and the San Francisco security firm Lookout Mobile joint investigation found that this spyware utilizes three Apple iOS system vulnerabilities. These three vulnerabilities, one of which exists in Safari WebKit, once the target user to the eye, a user clicks on a web link, the entire device will surrender the. Another vulnerability exists in iOS core, resulting in information disclosure, the third problem is the kernel memory corruption. They called these three vulnerabilities Trident.

These three loopholes add up, users simply click on a link, is enough to allow an attacker to escape the target device, and then install the monitoring, data interception and a series of attack software.

Once infected, Mansour phone will be his pocket a digital spy, he can call the iPhone's camera and microphone to spy devices in the vicinity of this activity, record his WhatsApp and Viber call recording mobile chat application information sent to track his whereabouts. citizen Lab wrote in a public notice.

Because Apple had not yet found the three vulnerabilities, but not to fix them. The agency will send reminders to Apple on August 15.

Apple responded quickly, within 10 days of the investigation vulnerabilities and quickly fix the vulnerability. Apple also said last week's iOS 10 public beta and developer preview version they have repair these vulnerabilities.

Remote hackers can exploit to take over your phone to others

The use of Trident vulnerability, the user simply clicks on the link sent by hackers, the phone will be remotely jailbreak hacker can get the highest authority of the phone; the use of the highest authority, hackers can remotely operate on the user's iPhone, control, View cell phone camera, eavesdropping and recording conversations user, view the user's application information.

A technology company security research team leader Gao Xuefeng introduction, hackers just send malicious links to trick users click on the Apple phone will be used by hackers to take over, to steal SMS-messages, call history, voice recording, storage of passwords and other large number of private data, monitoring and steal Whatsapp, WeChat and other social software, chat messages, while iPhone users completely undetectable. This is APT0 day attack against Apple's iOS for the first time in the history of public disclosure. It is particularly serious in view of the hazards, a short time before Apple FireWire bug fixes.

Trident security vulnerability in serious threat to the security and privacy of users

The discovery of the Trident security vulnerability, by some industry insiders as the most sophisticated spy software, which is mainly due to its use of both Apple's operating system 3 0 day vulnerabilities that previously unknown, namely malice found exploit security vulnerabilities.

BBC quoted a network security expert Alan Woodward's words, 0day vulnerabilities present on the rare time that the number of such vulnerabilities is rare. On the current situation they are exploited view, this security and privacy of users of Apple iOS operating system pose a serious threat.

Since 0day vulnerability rare to find and exploit security vulnerabilities to write such a system attack software in the field of cyber espionage means huge profits. The Associated Press reported last November, it has been offered $ 1 million to buy these spyware.

In view of the Trident vulnerability information is disclosed, a large-scale attack against the iPhone is likely to be flocked. A technology company security research team leader Gao Xuefeng Apple also reminded users to update as soon as possible to iOS9.3.5, before the system update.