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iPhone and iOS system security? new zero-day vulnerability thorough dousing myth

According to the Washington Post reported that many people think that their iPhone is absolutely safe, but the latest research shows that Apple's mobile operating system iOS in years has always been the existence of three previously unknown zero-day vulnerabilities, in fact, Apple users will always be in danger.

University of Toronto Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs affiliated with California, San Francisco Lookout mobile security firm released the latest report shows that there is a spyware iOS system capable of using three years of existence of zero-day vulnerabilities, By enticing iPhone the user clicks on the link in the text message, help to take over the user's smartphone.

Vice president in charge of security research firm Lookout Mike Murray (Mike Murray) said: This is specifically for mobile phones we've seen most sophisticated spy software. The researchers found that this spyware and related Israeli companies NSO Group it has been Francisco Partners acquired in 2014, US private equity firm, the development of spyware in many cases are used against reporters and activists.

Apple has released a patch on Thursday, and said in a statement:. We recommend that all users download the latest version of the iOS system, in order to protect potential security vulnerabilities in their own but this spyware highlighted this fact: even with reputation for strong security technology company, is still difficult with the proliferation of powerful hacking tool market competition, because these tools give the government a powerful digital surveillance capabilities.

Citizen Lab believes that the UAE government may launch a mobile phone for Mansour forces behind the attacks, but can not provide evidence. UAE yet to respond to this. But NSO Group has been introduced in the brochure for Mansour spyware, it is called Pegasus, stealth tracking allows hackers to remote target device, and obtain complete data.

In addition, the Citizen Lab found responsible for reporting corruption scandals Mexican reporter has become a target spyware, he also received a text message containing a particular link, the link seems to be a well-known Mexican news media related. Citizen Lab attacker can not determine the specific case, but they believe that the evidence indicated, the Mexican government was behind the attacks supporters. The Mexican government has not made comment.

After the Citizen Lab and Lookout warned that Apple started immediately fix the vulnerability. Mansour was attacked on August 10 and 11, 2008, Apple within 10 days after receiving the notice to give solutions. But details from the spyware display, it has been used for many years. Ordinary users face the danger is very limited, because the NSO Group called spyware sold only to government agencies.

NSO Group spokesman said in a statement, they do not know or Mexican reporter Mansour things themselves did not run any malicious software system. The company has signed an agreement with the customer, the requirements of their products can only be lawful manner. Specifically, these products can only be used to prevent and investigate crimes.
But past research shows that some government agencies use this spyware to monitor opponents and reporters. As the American NSA documents show recent exposure, those who do not rely on the security patch vulnerabilities to run malicious software, if the vulnerability exposure that may endanger public safety. Government and other development similar NSO Group hacking tools rather than developers to report vulnerability of companies, but also could threaten the safety of all users, because they can not make sure whether other people will find the same problem.

Apple devices has always been known for safety, even as Dino gunman iPhone and FBI to court. But the FBI did not Apple eventually help decrypt this phone, they are said to pay $ 1 million to the cost of occupation hacker help. Apple is always safe consumer products leader in the field, in part because the company firmly in control of the iPhone platform. But it also wants to attract more hackers invade Apple products.