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Discussion of mobile payment security and industrial development

In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communications and Internet technology, mobile Internet and mobile financial application development is becoming a new economic growth of the Internet to promote a strong driving force. Mobile payments with its convenient features, for the convenience of customers, but also part of the solution in urban and rural differences, regional domestic financial services sector, to ease pressure on the traditional bank counter, important way to increase customer coverage. Mobile payment gradually become a new development of e-payment, has a huge space for development.

Mobile payment market surging, the three foreign giants Apple ApplePay, Google AndriodPay, Samsung SansungPay around mobile payment staking campaign was in full swing; domestic BAT, Jingdong, Suning also in this field have the layout, move to snatch the entrance. China UnionPay released report shows that in 2015, 82% of respondents use mobile payments to complete the payment. And in 2014, compared with only 61% in 2013 to 45 per cent of mobile payment in China is developing rapidly; but more and more mobile payment security situation is not optimistic, large and complex mobile payment industrial chain, any step possible security problems, because hackers pervasive. From traditional bank to pay a third party, from the Internet business platform to financial institutions, we are faced with the challenge of mobile payment security.

Then, in the field of mobile payment security, how to innovate and improve security? How to promote industrial upgrading technology? How to balance convenience and security? How is the capital layout? How traditional banks to better embrace mobile era? How the industry to establish a more secure payment system and payment environment? Various industry chain enterprises of how to effectively integrate? Where is the future of mobile payments? November 16-18, the eighth financial technology and innovation pay 2016 annual event will be held in Shanghai, professionals work with you to explore innovative mobile payment and security; the future of mobile payment industry structure will change how; how banks layout mobile payment ; and emerging payment methods and other topics.

The conference invitation of the Chinese People's Bank of China UnionPay, UnionPay International, CMB Minsheng Bank, Alipay, the micro-channel pay Apple to pay, MasterCard, Baidu wallet, China Telecom wing payments, Construction Bank, Huawei, YeePay, the shift e-commerce and other units of the participants of the General Assembly.

Eighth Financial Technology and Innovation 2016 to pay an annual event, formerly known as Internet banking and payment Innovation Summit Series. Order to comply with changes in the industry committee, and should require government and industry associations, will change the name of financial technology conference and paid Innovation Conference.