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INST information security team

INST information security team of information security: if one day you suddenly found the computer data deleted was reduced to fragments displayed on the ATM machine; your deposit in bank card was swept away; someone knows you…… What would you think? With the communication network, the popularity of computers, there may be your every move to live under the supervision of others, you are transparent to other people. Security has always been an eternal topic, but with the progress of the times, we need to protect the form of assets in the gradual change. General Secretary Xi said no network security, there is no national security, and now the network has existed in every corner of our lives. In the mall, who has mastered the information on the grasp of business opportunities. In the battlefield, the control of the information on the control of the battlefield. Group call Honker group set up in WAN Xin founder in 2009 under the leadership of the 09 month 09 days. Currently there are 2 professors and 22 members. After everyone has been working hard to obtain a patent for invention, utility model patents 2, won the national, provincial competitions. In the early days of the group, mainly operating system security, network security, computer virus research based on software and security research, the research direction is gradually to the hardware and security applications. The essence of group target protection information system security is risk protection, we have special attention, collect information security event, analysis of the internal cause of the case, and explore the method of solving the problem. And from the information security system engineering professional direction, training to master the basic theory of information systems and information security, and can engage in information