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Ali CEO Zhang Yong: network security to prepare for the next outlet

In September 19th, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong held in Wuhan Publicity Week 2016 national network security network security technology forum, network security is the infrastructure of modern business development, to solve the security problem, the use of the core to rely on big data technology.

The lasting vitality of security from the attack, from the source, today we face the network of black ash, is not individual behavior, it is absolutely not an incident, the light against it is not. Only the real use of large data, the use of technology, the network on the upper reaches of the black gray upstream tracking, layers of traceability, in order to make the industry and consumers really safe. Zhang Yong said.

The peak of the network security technology forum is one of the important activities of network security awareness week, guests including well-known academicians and experts, large Internet and network security executives, as well as from Russia, the United States, Britain, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and Hongkong Chinese enterprise leaders and experts. In the official forum, Zhang Yong’s keynote speech is regarded as a major bright spot, a strong ability and comprehensive Alibaba in the field of security layout, by the collective expectations of the participating guests.

Zhang Yong said that the Alibaba from the first day of development, from the commitment to build a modern business infrastructure dream start, security is the basic guarantee. Ali retail platform today, will produce 80 million transaction orders every day, 60 million will have to pay, deduct the virtual goods, will produce about 40000000 logistics package, in this process, the use of big data technology, commodity flow, order flow, capital flow, logistics and real data fusion application, is the cornerstone of the protection of Ali ecological security.

Zhang Yong bluntly, network security is no border, against the black ash production should be the common goal of all Internet companies, he hoped that through this conference, Internet companies in the field of security can better work together to break the boundary, formation of security capacity sharing, data sharing, jointly cope with and against the black ash production. According to Zhang Yong introduction, in the past few years, the Alibaba actively output security capabilities, the safety of all partners from their own safety protection platform to better protect the ecological system, and continuously improve the safety level of the entire ecosystem. At present, Ali poly security coverage of the customer terminal number up to 800 million, the Royal River every day to help service providers analysis of 180 million core data access behavior and intercept risk, Ali cloud protected sites, 35% China.

Zhang Yong also pointed out that the protection of network security is not static, it is necessary to use the development of the vision for the next outlet to do security preparations. The development of information technology change rapidly today, when still talking about privacy protection, mobile security, new technologies and new applications of artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, voice image recognition has become the next outlet, networking era is coming. Network security is a full range of changes, how to predict the next outlet, to prepare for the next outlet, it is today must think about the subject. The national cyber security awareness week has been held for three sessions, from the first session of Alibaba is actively involved in various business, set the annual power, will be the closest people’s livelihood security products and content to the user. This week, the company will fully display its own Alibaba in the transaction, payment, electricity suppliers ecology, cloud computing, enterprise security, personal protection and other areas of strong security capabilities.

Attached to the full text of the speech: distinguished guests, the central word of today’s forum is safe. Ali, from the development of the first day, from the commitment to build a modern business infrastructure dream start, security is our basic guarantee. We are very pleased to see more and more and more attention to network security, the network security infrastructure as a modern business the most important thing is that we dream of things, first of all, congratulations on the convening of this meeting.

Today, I would like to talk about a few points of view:
1) we just talked about a lot of network defense and protection, in my opinion, the lasting vitality from the security attack, from the source, and today we all face a common front safety production of black and gray, all these parasites in the black soil of the illegal industry. This is definitely not an individual behavior, nor is it an accident. With the development of information technology, with big data, in the entire social and economic life, today we have to solve the problem, I think that the light against the. The most important is to be able to use big data, the use of our knowledge of the technology, the upper reaches of the black gray level tracking, layers of traceability, the only way to make our industry, consumers really safe.
Second my 2 point of view is that in the process of tracing the source to really make good use of big data. In fact, today because of the data explosion, making security issues more prominent, more focused, more and more able to reach a consensus. But I think that the only way to solve the problem of security, by the human brain is certainly not enough, we must rely on large data, the security field as a large data widely used place.

Over the years, Alibaba has been such a practice today, Ali in the retail platform, will produce 80 million transaction orders every day, 60 million will have to pay, deduct the virtual goods, will produce about 40000000 logistics package, how these goods flow, order flow, capital flow and logistics to data fusion and the application of the real, is the cornerstone for us to protect the ecological safety of today. In this process, the use of big data technology is the basic guarantee for all of our security means.

In particular, I would like to say that today we talk about security issues, talk about the importance of security, improve our awareness of the whole people, is all of our security vendors, all the participants, all Internet companies gospel. But I think that in order to solve the problem, to really be able to let ordinary users rest assured, especially recently telecommunications fraud flooding situation, let white users can put the heart in the stomach, extensive use of core or rely on big data technology.

3) the next one I want to share is that for the safety of the topic, the Internet should be no boundaries, and those who seek improper benefits of black production, gray industrial chain, should be the common enemy of all Internet companies. Better together to break the boundaries of the enterprise, realize the free boundary on security issues, I especially want to appeal to this point in the meeting today, so we all shared enterprise real form of security capabilities, can form data support each other.

In terms of Ali, in the past few years, we begin to protect their own trading platform security, payment security, gradually to better protect the ecological system of the partners, businesses, service providers, logistics companies and other information technology service provider security. In the whole Ali enterprise security, now every day in the help on the platform of third party partners in the analysis of hundreds of millions, the service has covered 800 million terminal equipment. In this case, how can we make our security technology and the ability to better serve our own and the entire ecology, we must have a new security ecosystem.

Of course, in front of a few guests are also mentioned, the development of the information technology is a rapidly changing situation. When a lot of people today are still discussing privacy protection, discuss mobile security, in fact, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, voice image recognition of various newly emerging technology is the rapid development of networking era is coming. In this process, the safety technology and safety protection is not static, but with the development and application of technology to embrace big data on business embrace, on social and economic life and the way of life, in the full range of change.

In this process, how can we advance to predict the next port, to prepare for the next port to do a good job safety, is very important. The very good thing about this meeting today is that everyone has a sense of security. In fact, just these days Ali has a topic is widely spread, is the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake event occurs. Why there are moon cake events, why cause so much discussion and even controversy, in Ali is also full of discussion. I want to talk about it today, it’s important to talk about it today. Security department staff is responsible for the safety protection technology users, apparently not used technology to grab a few boxes of moon cakes, so in this issue we have adopted zero tolerance; only in this way, the power in the hands of our employees in order to truly implement the safety protection of hundreds of millions of users. This is the last few days of our company’s profound experience. This discussion is definitely not the end, but by this meeting today, we hope to see the security problem not only in the hearts of every Internet user upgrade, enhance each practitioners also grasp the adoption of this technology in the.

Finally, I want to say is that the development of new things is no end. Today we are discussing many of the problems we see today. In fact, many of the problems were accumulated yesterday. We’re going to do today is to join hands together, to the vision of development, look at today’s station in tomorrow’s perspective, so as to make our world become more and more security at the same time, let the user, let our business, make our life become more and more beautiful.