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Internet of things security: big data impact of huge legislation without delay

A veteran of the social networking site MySpace was stolen 360 million accounts and 427 million password information, YAHOO was attacked resulting in 500 million user information stolen by hackers, the Trump hotel was stolen 70 thousand customer credit card information, personal email in the WikiLeaks published a series of democratic politicians. Reflect the big data technology brings new challenges to the security of financial information and market risk, outstanding performance for the data service provider information, monitoring information abuse of foreign institutions and increasingly complex data intrusion threats.

At the same time, big data in the Internet era is also facing the blossom everywhere, not around the past challenges, that is a security issue. In the Internet and the Internet of things, if we can not solve the security problem, it will affect the development of all aspects of society. In the development of large data at the same time, but also to consider the construction of a large data security system. Impact of big data on public interest in February 25th this year, people dispensary 19 pharmacies 24, sued the State Food and Drug Administration and Ali health, suspected of kidnapping, using public data for profit. Ali health intervention of drug information caused by the industry regulatory action, from the drug electronic supervision code, is the use of information technology, network technology and encoding technology, to a minimum of drug packaging printed electronic monitoring code, the equivalent of a qualified and the one and only identity for drugs.

After the implementation of electronic supervision enterprises, through the electronic monitoring system to upload information, so that regardless of where the drug endowed circulation can be real-time monitoring and tracking, consumers can also through the regulatory code check and confirm genuine drugs. From the regulatory effect, it is perfect, the formation of drug regulatory data value is not to be ignored, you can draw a clear conclusion through accurate data analysis. But once used to profit, information barriers will form a monopoly position, and even subvert the overall pattern of the industry. Obviously, this is the magic of big data, who master and use of this information, it is possible to have a very valuable information resources. In this sense, Ali health non-governmental organizations, nor a non-profit social organization, acquisition, maintain large data, objectively speaking, is in fact holding these valuable information resources, data will not borrow profit, always escape the suspect found in a suspicious position.

We can see that the implementation of electronic drug supervision system, plays an important role in the fight against drug fraud, safeguard people’s safety and other aspects, has been proved to be effective, the United States, Japan and other developed countries also set up electronic drug supervision system. This matter is actually exposed, China in the Internet era of legislation lag. Big data has been hailed as the twenty-first Century oil, the potential of unlimited, unstoppable momentum of development. However, how to fully exploit big data and economic value at the same time, the protection of important social value, including the protection of personal data and the protection of rights of vulnerable groups of trading opportunities, is the legislation and practice need to carefully balance problems, also to explore large numbers according to the legislation of the first to solve the problem.

Big data is actually built on the basis of small data, macro data is built on the basis of micro data, the need to pay attention to the development of large data and the use of conflict of interest. For large data transactions can not form a bigger market, there are difficult to avoid the constraints, that is, whether the big data transactions violations of people’s privacy. Because businesses need personal information to carry out accurate advertising, so the master of large data often have the will of the data will be realized, which relates to the potential of personal privacy leak.

At present, enterprises are considered in their own platform for the data generated by the enterprise, but this is the business secret, including the enterprise, but also the consumer’s personal privacy information. Taking into account the importance of large data security of public interest, after large data into commercial use, the impact on the public interest, the development of law is imminent. How to ensure the safety of big data and the current network security has been unable to protect the traditional ideas of the era of big data security, is not to buy their own server and build a separate room, arrange specialized technical personnel to protect corporate data is not compromised, contrary to the traditional method is more likely to be broken by criminals.

The traditional ideas of protection of network security is a boundary, the intranet and the extranet separately, business network and public network separation, terminal equipment will be potential risk isolation, through the establishment of gateway and network traffic equipment at each boundary, to hold the boundary, in order to solve the security problem. However, with the emergence of mobile Internet, cloud services, mobile terminals in the 4G signal, Wi-Fi signals, cables between the shuttle, the network is already in the demise of the border. Therefore, with big data technology to solve the security problems of the era of big data is necessary, it must establish a data driven security thinking, to build a new Internet Security System – traditional Security + Internet + big data. In addition, the powerful database, the use of big data technology advanced and extensive coverage of users based on the early perception of network threat situation, provide the public with unknown threats found back and effective protection. Faced with the widespread problem of large data security, many countries have been coping strategies. For example, the United States enacted the 2014 national network security protection act, actively promote the introduction of network security information sharing act; the new version of data protection law, emphasize the local storage and prohibit transnational sharing; making Japan in 2013 to create the most tip IT strategy, also clearly describes the strategy of opening up the country public data and data protection.

Our country can take measures from three aspects. First of all, to provide legal basis and basis for the maintenance of financial security from the perspective of data. At present, China’s financial big data property is not clear, the transaction is not smooth, so we should through the form of legislation, big data will be identified as a kind of property, and the provisions of the big data property how to produce, transfer and termination of infringement of property rights, big data of hacker attack, information monitoring behavior, formulate the corresponding sentencing and the standard of punishment. At the same time, through the development of industry standards, set the industry threshold system measures, the national safety standards of financial enterprises and data service providers set up in the use of data and algorithm development, guide the correct use of big data technology in financial industry, reduce the corresponding risk. Secondly, to support the development of the national information industry, training of independent data service providers and third party data review. In the area of hardware and software to enhance its own technology level and market competitiveness, can reduce in key areas of Bank Data Center for foreign manufacturers and technology dependence, reduce the risk of information monitoring and data intrusion. And the development of domestic data service providers can break the monopoly of foreign data terminals, reduce the possibility of abuse of information, but also reduce the cost of large data technology applications. In addition, taking into account the direct government regulation may interfere with the normal operation of enterprises, the government may authorize the third party to foster a batch of big data review mechanism, provide data and algorithms for compliance audits for enterprises and service providers, as the accounting firm audit the company’s financial information.

Big data review and audit institutions may be reviewed by the government in accordance with specific procedures, and to grant its business qualifications. At the same time, the big data technology itself is applied to market supervision, to promote the automation of supervision, so that rely on human supervision to rely on the technology of early warning of regulatory changes. National securities dealers association with SONAR automated monitoring system, monitoring the securities market insider trading and fraud, the accuracy of the original three times. Automation can not only reduce the cost of supervision, monitoring and early warning and risk through the real-time index, reckless behavior caused harm before finding and blocking, thereby reducing the actual loss, guarantee the safety of the financial system Chinese.

Last September, the State Council issued the Outline to promote the development of big data, has been from the three aspects of government big data, big data, new industry security system to promote the big data field of ten engineering construction, also means that the full speed Chinese construction of large data. With the development of big data, the government and enterprise’s decision-making, management and control is from the business to data driven. The China, standing in the maintenance of state security, social stability and the interests of citizens, the big data industry as a national strategy for unified planning, unified deployment, unified propulsion, uniform implementation, it is necessary and urgent for the big data legislation is the urgent affairs. On the one hand is to speed up the legislative research framework, and thus to build a big data of the laws and regulations, on the other hand should increase efforts to crack down on data privacy violations and abuse, endangering national security and other network infringement. In addition, to actively integrate into the international big data security rules, seeking to establish a respect for the sovereignty of the international network order.

At the same time, we should strengthen the construction of large data security system, to establish a government supervisor, social participation, enterprise based data regulation and industry self-regulation mechanism. However, to deal with data security issues in the era of big data, to prevent information leakage, in addition to improving the relevant laws and regulations, but also the protection of cloud platform technology, combined with big data technology to deal with data security. At the national level, the government departments have gradually begun to build a network of talent strategy for large data security to provide a strong human support and protection. The future, need multi from supervision, standards, and other aspects of self-discipline to work together, to build Internet security industry chain to the ecological security risk, time to deal with big data, make big data security key industry crossed the threshold.